Welcome to Talley / Tal y Llychau

The friendly village with the abbey and woodlands

Welcome to Talley!

Visiting Talley? Found out what to do!

Talley is a great place for holiday makers and there's plenty to explore. A visit to the abbey is mandatory and we have fantastic walk paths through the woods. Every Sunday there's a popup market and lots of other activities are going on. There's sadly no pub in Talley at the moment but the one in Cwmdu is legendary!

  • Where to go

    We've listed some of our favourite attractions in and near Talley here.

  • What to do

    And here you can browse through our local events which are being updated all the time!

  • Places to stay

    We highly recommend Abbey Cottages, but there are also some charming cottages available through AirBnb.

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