About this website

Note form the editor (‘webmaster’)

This website is a continuation of Peter Knott’s hard work over many years. The previous website is still be available as an archive (click here to visit), but I’ve decided to ‘start from scratch’ developing this new version. Reason being is that I’m a seasoned web developer and find that Wordpress has limitations whereas if I build a bespoke version I can tailor it exactly how I want it.

I spent hundreds of hours developing this new platform and now feel confident to launch it. It doesn’t mean the website is finished, far from it! Actually, a good website *never* is finished and will grow and improve going forward. But or that I will need all your help. So far, I’ve been setting up the site , its section, the pages and the functionality based on the previous website, my experience developing similar websites and how local residents seem to use the internet (like what information is being posted in the local Facebook Group). More on these sections and the idea behind them below.

Surely, lots of information is still missing - or incorrect. Or you may things not working as expected. If you have suggestions or questions about this website, please drop me an email or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

I really would love to hear your feedback, ideas and suggestions so we can make this website a great tool for the whole community!

Diolch yn fawr iawn

(And that’s how far my Welsh goes I’m afraid - I’m Dutch)


Website sections


This section contains general information about this website and a Privacy Policy statement explaining what we track (not much) and how you could your data be removed.

Practical Info

Handy bits of information for newcomers, holiday makers and lifelong residents alike. Let us know if you have suggestions of things to add - it’s only a first attempt!


An overview of news announcements about things going on in and around the village.

Things to do

An overview of places around worth visiting and an overview of events organised in the village. You can add your event too!

y Llychau

The online version of the magazine that has been going since 2006!


A place for the community council where you can find more information about the council, the councillors and the minutes of meetings held.


Information about St. Michael's Church and the Church Hall, the vicar, leadership team and events being held in and around the church.


Although Ysgol Talyllychau has their own website, we’ve also given them a place here.

Shop local

Only very recently set up, so pretty much empty but hopefully a place where all local producers and business will oud their produce and services so we can support our locals - and shop local!


As Talley is such a photogenic place, lots of pretty pictures have been - and will be - taken. We’re trying to bundle them all here. You can also add your own pictures.

Found an error? Do you have a suggestion for information to be added? Let us know here:

Note: the text on this page is not yet available in Welsh (yet). However, if you want to read it in Welsh, try using Google Translate for a Welsh version of this page at your own risk.

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