Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Not just to comply with the GDPR regulations, but because it simply is the right thing to do. We have been helping build up the internet since 1994 and still getting increasingly frustrated with how it is turning into a place where data-mining, advertising and spam prevails above anything else. We really don't want to be involved in that!

Below you read what we track and store, why we are doing this and how you can delete your account and data (.right to be forgotten').

What do we track

We use Google Analytics and a service called GoSquared to get an insight of how many people visit the site and what pages are popular. We do this to understand what content on the site is popular, so we can adapt and serve you better. Using Google Analytics also gives us an idea of how well you use the site and what we can do to make it a better user experience. And we also track stats so we can pat ourselves on the back if traffic increases :) Both services use functional cookies that are needed to gather those statistics.

If you use Facebook connect to log in, Facebook will store that information. We don't use the infamous Facebook pixel (used to track into detail what you do on sites - that nasty little pixel is the reason why you see advertisements for (say) thermal socks less than a day after you have been googling for it and visited a page or two about them!

We (as in the website) track if you left a comment and gave a rating to a business or event. The only reason we do that, is because you are only allowed to leave one rating.

What do we store

When you create an account, we store the details you enter like your full name, e-mail address and username. Your password is stored as well - but encrypted. At some point we may ask you for your location (either postcode or by pointing your location on the map). We do this so that we can provide you with content that is near you because we think that may be more interesting to you. When you use Facebook Connect to log in, Facebook gives us your Full name, Facebook name and e-mail address. We store this in our database as a reference for when you add content to the site. We don't allow content (whether it be a business, a picture or a comment) to be posted anonymously.

Right to be forgotten

If you (for whatever) reason want your data removed, simply send an e-mail to request this: we will remove your account details and all the content you uploaded. And if you used Facebook Connect, we will remove that connection too.

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Note: the text on this page is not yet available in Welsh (yet). However, if you want to read it in Welsh, try using Google Translate for a Welsh version of this page at your own risk.

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