Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings from (and to) Talley

Following the page I created for the Christmas 2022 Advent Windows, I thought it might be fun if we (everyone in Talley) send eachother virtual Chrstmas cards. And that's exactly what you can do on this page :)

Scroll down and enjoy reading other people's cards and dont forget to add your own!

Seasons Greetings


You enter a message and select a picture (one you made around the village, of your house, window, or perhaps one you nicked from the internet) and upload it. 

You have the option to 'plot' the card on the map (ideally on / near your house), so others can click through the map and see what 'card' has been added by whom - and where they live.

If enough people join in doing this and we are able to fill up the map nicely, I think it would be a fun resource and new and unique way to share our 'seasons greetings'!

One thing: you will need to log on in order to add a card - no anonymous entries permitted. Anything you add to the site must be legal or - in other words - sensible, reasonable and accountable. To be able to log on, you will need to create an account (it's easy) or use Facebook Connect (that's really just clicking the Facebook button, tell Facebook that you want to log onto and that's it). More information about account) creation here.

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Recently added

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas
Thank you for all your support

From us all at the shop

Posted by Kevin Donaldson

Nadolig Llawen from John and Jane (Fresh Fields)

Posted by Jane Griffiths

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas from all (three) of us at Noddfa.

Buzz, Julie & Pete

Posted by Pete

Note: the text on this page is not yet available in Welsh (yet). However, if you want to read it in Welsh, try using Google Translate for a Welsh version of this page at your own risk.

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