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Query / Suggestion for Talley Community Council

I have been living in the village for only a month and have narrowly avoided being broadsided whilst emerging from my drive by speeding motorists. Obviously these events have brought into sharp focus the complete lack of adherance to the limits diplayed primarily by the army of on-line delivery drivers and motorcylists.

Is there anyway that the council can think of increased calming measures through the village., eg more speed bumps and a zebbra crossing?I am scared that my son will be run over on his way to and from the village school.

I am very happy to talk to a councilor about my on going concerns

Submitted by: Scott Bradburn on Thu. 02 June 2022

Query / Suggestion for Talley Community Council

The topic of defibrillators has been brought up in the last two council meetings. I wanted to pass along this suggestion to apply for a Welsh government funded defibrillator, if one is necessary -

Submitted by: Elizabeth Nakielny on Mon. 22 November 2021

Query / Suggestion for Talley Community Council

Dear Community Council,

I would like to make a request that the Community Council set up a Facebook page to provide key updates to the community. I have included examples of a couple of neighbouring councils who do this:

Llandeilo Town Council -

Cyngor Cymuned Manordeilo a Salem - Manordeilo & Salem Community Council

They share information about upcoming meetings, agendas, and other information relevant to the community.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Nakielny
Blaenig Uchaf
SA19 7YL
22nd November, 2021

Submitted by: Elizabeth Nakielny on Mon. 22 November 2021

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