The trees are back in town (for real!)

The trees are back in town (for real!)

We are looking forward to see you at the Smithy to pick one of our lovely Christmas trees.

We are still not in the position we would have hoped to of been with our development of the Shop and Tea room due to planning and surveys being completed in these strange and stressful times??. However we are definitely closer than we were and hopefully going to have something popping up soon.

In the meantime we would like to show off these personal hand painted Christmas decorations made by a local artist that we can provide you for an early Christmas gift to someone. Pm us on facebook  if you have any enquiries as they are made to order and will take a few days. See you all soon!

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Posted by: Talley Christmas Trees

Other notices

Community drop off for Bocs Bwyd (Llandeilo Food Hub)

Starting Saturday, November 27th Talley Christmas Trees is going to be a drop-off point for Bocs Bwyd Llandeilo.

Posted by: Elizabeth Nakielny

Thankyou on behalf of Tools For Self Reliance (Cymru)

Hi all, a big thankyou to all those who gave so generously all those old rusty tools from the back of your sheds. Looks like we have got a whole van full to take!
I can now take them to a Llanelli site which is a good deal closer than previously taking them to Crickhowel.

Posted by: Ian Tame

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