Community drop off for Bocs Bwyd (Llandeilo Food Hub)

Community drop off for Bocs Bwyd (Llandeilo Food Hub)

Starting Saturday, November 27th Talley Christmas Trees is going to be a drop-off point for Bocs Bwyd Llandeilo. You can drop off food (see Bocs Bwyd Llandeilo Facebook page for a list of most needed items). The food collection point will be available 7 days a week, as per the Talley Christmas Trees opening times, and will be staffed the whole time. As well as dropping off donations, you will also be able to buy any items from Kevin Donaldson's temporary shop to donate. The donation point will be located inside the shop, and will be delivered by volunteers to Llandeilo.

Posted by: Elizabeth Nakielny

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