Y Llychau December 2022

Y Llychau December 2022


Bwletin Misol                                  Rhagfyr/Dec 2022

Hello and welcome to the December edition of Bweletin Y Llychau. 

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Willow Basket Making

The basket making day was a huge success as always.  Thank you to Justine of West Wales Willows. Look out for future willow weaving events.


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Christmas Book Sale

On Saturday 3rd December, a Christmas book sale hosted by ThunderPoint Publishing and Black Bee Books will be held at Bryn Heulog (opposite the Primary School) 4 - 7pm. A chance for Talley people to come along and meet a couple of authors, browse & enjoy a mulled wine/apple juice by the fire.


Talley Film Club

Film Club meets in the Church Hall at 7pm on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. There are 5 films in different genres to choose from & the one with the most votes is the one you watch. Light refreshments & donations to the film club.


Children's Choir & Carols in the Abbey

Talley School choir have their Christmas Concert on the 11th December at 6.30pm.

On the 16th December is Carols in the Abbey at 7pm followed by mince pies and mulled wine in the Church Hall. Wrap up warm and bring a lantern or torch. 


Christmas Pantomime

An early advert for the Talley Community Players Panto on 21st January in the Church at 6pm!


Dyddiar/DiCwtch Cynnes Community Hub

Food, Activities and Company.  Everyone welcome at the Church Hall on Monday 12th Dec between 12 & 2pm.



1st       Thursday                   Christmas Fayre                   Ysgol Bro Dinefwr 5-7pm

1st       Thursday                   Holy Communion                 St Michael's Church 12pm

2/3/4   Fri/Sat/Sun                Christmas Fayre                   Aberglasney 10am - 4.30pm

3rd      Saturday                    Christmas Book Sale           Bryn Heulog 4-7pm

4th      Sunday                      Holy Communion                 St.Michael's Church 11am

8th      Thursday                   Holy Communion                 St Michael's Church 12pm

8th      Thursday                   Welsh Class                          Church Hall 11am

9th      Friday                         Film Club                               Church Hall 7pm

10th   Saturday                     TCAA Work Party             Opposite the Church 10am

11th    Sunday                      Holy Communion                 St Michael's Church 11am

11th    Sunday                      School Christmas Concert St Michaels Church 6.30pm

15th    Thursday                   Holy Communion                 St.Michael's Church 12pm

16th    Friday                         Christmas Carols                 Talley Abbey 7pm

17th    Saturday                    PTA Bar                                 Kings Court 7pm

18th    Sunday                      Youth Led Service               Church Hall 11am

22nd   Thursday                   Holy Communion                 St Michael's Church 12pm

23rd    Friday                         Film Club                               Church Hall 7pm

24th    Saturday                    Christingle Service               St Michael's Church 6pm

24th    Saturday                    Midnight Mass                      St Michael's Church 11.30pm

25th    Sunday                      Family Service                      St Michael's Church 10am

28th   Wednesday               TCAA Work Party             Opposite the Church 10am

Twixtmas Work Party to include mulled wine, mince pies and nibbles.

The Tearoom in the Church Hall is always open after Sunday Service with lots of delicious food.  All welcome!


Regular Activities

Pop-Up Market - every Sunday, 9.30am - 1.00pm Edwinsford Inn, check facebook page for weather updates.

Mobile Library - every Tuesday, Dyffryn Ig layby 1 - 1.30pm. Abbey 1.30 - 2pm

Jamie's Fish - Jamie's fish van will be stopping at The Smithy around 2.45pm on Wednesdays. If he doesn't visit you already, you will find him there.


Richards Mini Quiz (answers from last month first!)

1 The Montgolfier Brothers 2.Kiki Dee 3.Arkwright 4.Oxygen 5.Sirius 6.Tern

7.My Fair Lady 8.Wine 9.Vatican City 10.All three bands named after the drummer


1. Name Santa's nine reindeer?

2. Name all the gifts inc. numbers in The Twelve days of Christmas?

3. Which English leader prohibited the singing of Christmas Carols?

4.In which country is St. Nick called Sinterklaas?

5. Apparently, while poking a fire the London sweet shop owner Tom Smith got theinspiration to make what?

6. In which country does an ugly old witch named Bafana deliver presents on the night of 5th/6th January? a. Austria, b. Australia, c. Italy, d. Mexico?

7. Which pudding with a misleading name was banned by English Puritans because it was deemed to be 'sinfully rich'?

8. Which Christmas word means 'turning of the sun'?

9. Which country gives a Christmas tree to Britain every year, something it has done traditionaly for years?

10. Which biblical town's name means 'house of bread? 





Contact Details

If I have missed anything or you have anything to add to the diary, please contact me, Trina Hamilton on bwletinyllychau@gmail.com

Village website - www.talley.org.uk

Private Facebook Group www.facebook.com/groups/TalleyVillageGroup

Public Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/TalleyVillage/


A Very Merry Christmas!

Posted by: Trina Hamilton

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