Fun Quiz

Fun Quiz: week 47


General knowledge

  1. What famous heavy metal band is named after a medieval torture device?
  2. In which Shakespeare play does the line `To be or not to be, that is the question` appear?
  3. A canton, halyard and field make up what item?
  4. What is ombrophobia the fear of?
  5. Which country in Africa is completely surrounded by South Africa?
  6. Which Daphne Du Maurier novel was turned into a 1940 film by Alfred Hitchcock?
  7. Sabena is the national airline of which country?
  8. What was the painter Constable`s first name?
  9. Which painting by Leonardo da Vinci is also known as La Gioconda?
  10. Which artist is responsible for `Self Portrait With Bandaged Ear`?
  11. Which is the only colour which appears on the flag of Libya?
  12. What is the largest fresh water lake in North America?
  13. Which cartoon takes place in Greendale in Cumbria?
  14. In what year was London due to host the Olympic Games, but couldn`t because of the Second World War?
  15. What is a male rabbit called?
  16. By what name is Schubert`s Symphony No. 8 better known?
  17. The Hoover Dam in America was built on which river?
  18. In which English city is the Clifton Suspension Bridge?
  19. What American film was released in France with a title which translated as `Life, Love, Cows`?
  20. Who was the first British King of the 19th century?


Missing words round: From 50 must see shows from British Television

  1. Only ______ and horses
  2. Dr ______
  3. ______ Murders
  4. ______ War
  5. Inspector George ______
  6. ______ of Dock Green
  7. The______ Life
  8. Footballer’s ______
  9. Brush ______
  10. Silent______
  11. Scott and ______--
  12. ______ Law
  13. Waking the -------
  14. The ______ of it
  15. Inspector -______
  16. Mrs ______- Boys
  17. ______ Hill
  18. Ever ______ circles
  19. The ______ circle
  20. ______--- birds
  21. ______ Suspect
  22. Father ______
  23. All ______ great and small
  24. Last of the ______ wine
  25. ____________ Road
  26. New ______
  27. ______ at Heart
  28. Love and ______
  29. Bad ______
  30. ______ and bred


  1. What is a Bombay Duck?
    A type of duck, a type of curry, a basketball team , a type of fish
  2. In New Zealand what is it illegal to fly in a hot air balloon with?
    A dog, A bicycle, A rooster, A violin
  3. if you dug a hole through the center of the Earth from Wellington, New Zealand, in which European country would you emerge?
    Germany, Spain, France or Poland
  4. What is the term for a group of owls?
    Blessing, Terror, Confusio, Parliament
  5. The average person in the US opens what 13 times per day?
    Front door, a can of soda , Refrigerator, A window
  6. What is the length of New Zealand’s 90 Mile Beach?
    90 miles, 77 miles ,90km, 55 miles
  7. What are you afraid of if you are Syngenesophobic?
    Syringes , Genetically modified crops , Relatives , Snakes
  8. In the Harry Potter book and film series, Professor Dumbledore’s name comes from the Old English word for what creature?
    Bumblebee , Elephant, Owl , Unicorn
  9. Which month of the year has the longest daylight hours in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest daylight hours in the Southern Hemisphere?
    January, June , August , September
  10. The world’s first game of ice hockey was played with a puck made from which material?
    Stone, ice, cow manure ,wood
  11. What is the term for a group of turkeys?
    Rafter, Gobble, Clutch , Roast
  12. Roughly what percentage of people in the world can wiggle their ears?
    50%, 40%, 30% ,20%
  13. Laughing Jackass is another name for which bird?
    Woodpecker, Raven , Cuckoo, Kookaburra
  14. If someone is described as a Kiwi, where are they from?
    Australia, UK , New Zealand , Canada
  15. What was the first animal sent into Space?
    Rabbit, Chimpanzee, Dog , Rat

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